ACF Frontend Form Element Pro

ACF Frontend Form Element Pro Nulled for your users so they can edit content by themselves from the frontend. ACF Frontend Elementor Nulled you can provide high end, clear & manageable websites.

Features: ACF Frontend Form Element Pro

  • All WordPress Builders are compatible: All WordPress builders are now compatible with ACF Frontend. To get started, all you need Advanced Custom Fields and ACF Frontend.
  • There is no coding required: Provide the finest content management experience possible without requiring the end user to read the ACF or WordPress documentation. Everything is ready to go right here.
  • Posts can be edited: Allow your users to update posts directly from the frontend of their site, without having to log in to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Post a Comment: Allow your users to publish new articles directly from the frontend by utilizing the “new post” action.
  • User Profile Modification: Allow users to quickly edit their user info from the frontend.
  • Form for User Registration: With a built-in user registration form, you may allow new users to register on your site! You may even prevent these new users from accessing the WordPress dashboard.
  • Hide the Admin Area: Select which users and roles should have access to the WordPress administration area.
  • Priority Assistance: Get priority help with faster response and resolution times. Email and Whatsapp are both options.
  • Change Global Preferences: If you have global data, such as header and footer data, you may utilize ACF to build an options page that your users can update from the frontend.
  • Forms with Multiple Steps: Add extra phases to your forms to make them more interesting.
  • Integration with Woocommerce: For Woocomerce products, we’re introducing built-in fields. Allow your customers to add goods from the frontend!
  • Recaptcha by Google: With Google Recaptcha, you can protect your forms from spam.
  • Payments using Stripe and PayPal: After submitting the form, accept payments using Stripe.
  • Submission of AJAX: With our no-page-reload forms, you can provide your users with an excellent editing experience.

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