Brisk - Multi-Purpose Elementor WordPress Theme

Brisk is an excellent and multi-purpose WordPress theme with an elementor page builder. The theme has modern designs and can be used for almost any website. Brisk comes with an impressive collection of demo templates, Library and One Click Demo Import, which can create website in a few minutes. Download brisk theme project and create a beautiful website.

Theme Options Panel

At the heart of many popular WordPress themes is a powerful theme options panel. This is a great way to include theme customization options that non-developers can manage and understand. Brisk offers a ton of customization options for almost every part of your website. Here are some of the most important features:

  • Global Colors – This feature gives you the ability to customize the colors of all the elements on your website at the same time, thus saving you time and effort. There are 7 colors to use throughout your site, all of them linked to all color elements in the Theme Options and also fully integrated with the Elementor Design System.
  • Global Fonts – Just like Global Colors, with Global Fonts you can change the font of your website on all pages at once. Choose between Google Fonts or System Fonts, then link to all the font elements in the Theme options. Fully integrated with Elementor Design System.
  • Responsive Controls – Device-sensitive options allow you to set individual values ​​for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Advanced Backgrounds – Background elements let you choose between a solid color, gradient, or image.
  • Full Typography Options – Complete font style options: font family, font style, text transform, font size, line height, letter spacing and color.
  • Live Settings Search – Search for any feature and get smart results instantly. Click on a result and it will take you to the selected setting.

Page Options

Override page-level theme options without using any custom code. Some of the settings available in the page options are:

  • Enable Page Title
  • Page Title Background
  • Page Title Background Overlay
  • Page Title Color
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Layout (Boxed or Full Width)
  • Body Background
  • Enable Header
  • Transparent Header On / Off
  • Change Height On Scroll
  • Top Banner On / Off
  • Footer On / Off
  • Copyright On / Off
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JS

990+ Google Fonts

Choose the perfect font for your website from Google’s vast collection of web fonts.

News & Blogging Platform

  • Base Layout – Four beautiful blog pages to choose from
  • Grid Control – Complete customization options for Grid Columns, Grid Item Spacing, Item Hover Effect, Image Scale, Image Border Radius, and typography.
  • Post Info – On/Off toggle author, date, genre and excerpt.
  • Sidebars – Assign any sidebars to the archive and posting pages. Sidebars can be set to normal or sticky.
  • Narrow article width – Reduce the post container for better readability.
  • Reading Progress – Displays a progress bar below the title indicating your current reading progress.
  • Separate Typography Options – Blog posts should be optimized for reading, that’s why we’ve included a full set of typography options just for it.
  • Gutenberg Compatible – Brisk is fully compatible with the new WordPress block editor.
  • Elementor Widget – Place the blog grid anywhere on your site using the custom UiCore Post Grid element.

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