Cost Calculator Builder PRO

Cost Calculator Builder PRO create freely powerful and nice-looking cost estimation forms on your website. Cost Calculator is an extension anyone can incorporate into their website.

WooCommerce Price Calculator

Let your customers calculate the price of your WooCommerce products depending on cost calculator variables and custom formulas.

Use all available calculation elements in price calculation formulas to change the WooCommerce product price.

Moreover, you can add a calculator to all WooCommerce products in any category, so there is no need to manually insert the calculator to the product page.

Orders Dashboard

Do you want to be aware of the status of commenced orders and view payment details for paid ones?
For the monetized Cost Calculator form, there is a dedicated section available to review.
All active orders from your clients can be viewed directly from your dashboard. Track, operate and confirm your customers’ orders. You can easily view, filter and confirm all the details of pending arrangements from the price to the date for each built calculator separately.

Custom calculator for variable products

Are you selling variable products that have prices calculated by any custom units and measurements? Make the calculation easier for your customers. Let them enter their dimensions and then have the calculator to withdraw the total.

Add extra options to the product calculator. So сustomers could make their inputs, and see the total price estimated automatically.

Unlimited Attaching Files

Encourage your visitors by inputting the file upload module on the calculator, where they can add only those data you specified on settings. There are various files that can be attached to the calculator: images, documents, audio, video, tables. Define the maximum size and number of files depending on your intention. Moreover, you are able to monetize the element, which incredibly fits every business.

Variety of Calculating Elements Cost Calculator Builder PRO

Cost Calculator includes 9 free different elements that help to construct your estimation form.
Dropdown Box
Add a select box with unlimited variations and calculating values so users could choose the best option.
HTML Element
Insert any HTML content into your Calculator form and edit it with ease thanks to the WYSIWYG Editor included.
Switch Box
Add radio button options with calculating values to allow users to choose only one of a predefined selection.
Create a set of checkbox options with the ability to select more than one parameter at a time.
Range Slider
Insert Range Slider with the following options: label, min value, max value, step, unit value for calculating.
Quantity Box
Enter a simple input number with the unit field so the calculator could multiply entered and unit values.
This element allows you to add a simple text area field into your calculator for extra notes.
Horizontal Line
With this, you can add the <HR> line separator field into your estimation form and specify its size, style, length.
Total element, lets you build a calculating formula by adding needed fields and operators to it.
Radio Button
Allow picking one of the predefined available options with a choice.
File Upload

Set a module where the users may attach any type of file onto the calculator.
Date Picker

Include a compact calendar with a range of days to the calculator.
Multi Range Slider

Use this one for defining the chunk of values on the slider range.
Image Dropdown

Engage the users placing the select form with a set of images.

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