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Build Website Like Never Before. Exclusive Addons Pro for Elementor is packed with a bunch of exclusively designed widget for. Elementor with all the customization options you’ll ever need.

In the Exclusive Elementor Addons Menu, these are the most distinctive and, of course, Chef’s favorites. To see all of the amazing variations, please click See More.

Exclusive Features for Your Next Level Web

Build with quality and quantity in mind. With an unlimited array of exclusive features, you may explore the limitless possibilities.

Exclusive Addons includes the element’s ultimate Header-Footer generator. Make templates and put them at the top and bottom of the page.

  • Use the same Header & Footer for the whole site.
  • Different ones for different pages.
  • Create as many templates as you want

Lottie Animation Widget

Lottie Animation may be added to your Elementor website. Without touching a single line of code, you can increase your website’s engagement and make it more exciting.

  • Built-in lightweight and high-quality animations
  • Import Lottie by copy-pasting the URL or importing from local storage
  • Multiple ways to trigger animation
  • Direction speed and animation style
  • Tailor Animation Appearance
  • Rotate the whole animation- A unique feature

Cross Site Copy-Paste Exclusive Addons Pro

Widgets, columns, sections, and nearly all other elements can be copied and pasted from one WordPress site to another. It merely takes a few mouse clicks. This element extension is compatible with the original element interface and performs as expected.

  • Copy element content across domains
  • Compatible with the Elementor . interface
  • Perfect integration of all functions
  • Requires less time and effort
  • Copy almost any element

Demo Previewer

Exclusive Addons’ Next-Generation WordPress Demo Previewer

  • Filter items that haven’t been there before
  • Add beautiful cover images and scrolling images
  • Change Scrolling Image Thumbnail Size and Speed
  • Design the navigation menu bar to your liking
  • Add tags, pricing
  • Customize content
  • Fullfill the needs

Sticky Exclusive Addons Pro

With the special Sticky Extension, you can now make any section of the screen sticky. While the web page is scrolled from top to bottom, the part you make sticky will remain on the viewport.

  • Make any part sticky
  • Works perfectly with any element
  • Variable top spacing for fixed content

Mega Menu

For your WordPress site, a fully functional and flexible mega menu. A premium widget that allows you to create a stunning menu bar with all user-centric functions in an easy-to-use interface.

  • Mega Menu 2 in 1: Horizontal & Vertical
  • Set the breaking point for smaller devices
  • Fully customizable menu items
  • Use items as submenus
  • Menu-bar design with tons of styling options

Demo Website Link Here

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