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Formidable Forms Pro Nulled is the most advanced form builder for WordPress. Create a complex multi-page contact form or form with conditional logic, calculations, and file uploads. Then display the collected data in a graph.

Features of Formidable Forms Pro

  • Formidable Forms Pro has all the features needed to create a powerful managed WordPress forms and web data application. Take a look at the features that make Formidable Forms the best form builder in WordPress.
  • Display form data with views: Format, filter, and display the data submitted through your form in the user’s view. Create dynamic views referencing personal information records or filter by current user ID.
  • Designer: WordPress visual forms Create complex forms simply with the simple WordPress visual form editor. Simply click or drag a new field onto the form without editing the HTML code.
  • Automatically add a form field: Need to collect multiple sets of information from a single record? Repeatable fields allow your users to add a new set of fields quickly.
  • Forms to add user messages: Add forms to add user posts and pages. Set custom fields, captions and even favorite images. Accept new messages from users as drafts to allow admins to moderate them.
  • Multi-page forms with progress bar: Split complex data entry into manageable multi-page forms that automatically save drafts every time you turn the page. The progress bar and rootlines also provide a great user experience.
  • Front End Form Editor: Allows users to edit entries, submissions, and user-generated pages or posts – all from the external interface of your site. Editing forms from the interface is quick and easy.

Formidable Changelog

“Download Formidable Forms Pro v5.4.4 – WordPress Forms Plugin & Online Application Builder Nulled
= 5.4.4 =

  • Exported application XML files will now also include form entries.
  • The import files checkbox is now available when importing XML files.
  • Imported application templates will now import images from the template.
  • New: Fields with [auto_id] shortcodes will now auto-increment when an entry is duplicated.
  • Added a new frm_should_import_files filter so importing files is easier to toggle on and off.
  • Fix: Application relationship tags were not appearing when the embedded shortcodes used form and view keys instead of ids.”

= v5.2.05 =
* New: Added a new frm_focus_first_error filter to toggle of the behavior of the auto-focus that gets triggered on the first field with an error.
* New: Added a new frm_include_alert_role_on_field_errors filter to toggle the alert role that gets added to field errors.

= v5.2.01 =
* New: Added new checkboxes to toggle form title and description visibility. The form preview page will no longer always show title and description by default, and will use these checkboxes instead.
*In-Theme Previews trigger a fatal error in WordPress 5.9.1.
* Checkbox fields were appearing as broken vertical lines when using the Enfold theme.
* A deprecation message was occasionally logged in PHP8 when trying to decode null values.

= v5.2 =
Increased WP version requirement to 5.2.
New: Added a new Embed Form modal and a new Embed button that appears in the form builder and form settings pages beside Preview and Update. Now a form can be embedded into a new page or an existing page with just a few clicks.
Unexpected array value in form data would cause some text fields to break in PHP8.
AJAX calls for API loaded forms were occasionally targeting the wrong site, causing unwanted redirects.

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