Interactive Geo Maps PRO

Create minimalist interactive maps, including maps of the world, continents, countries and specific regions like US county maps Interactive Geo Maps PRO.

Features: Interactive Geo Maps PRO For WordPress

  • 5 Beautiful themes for user interface.
  • Multiple layouts with list and sort options.
  • Accordion template with Country, State, City and Store hierarchies.
  • Color Palette for Google Maps Plugin UI Color Selection.
  • Many beautiful InfoWindows.
  • Additional template for deals site to show their interesting deals on Maps.
  • Additional template for Real Estate websites to display Properties and categorize them into Sale, Rent and Featured.
  • Easily customize your info window content, which is a very unique feature.
  • Easily customize your store listing just by adding a few keywords.
  • Admin Dashboard for Store Locator with all your marker, store, category and search stats.
  • Analytic bar graphs to show search users which locations they searched the most and which stores were seen the most.
  • Analytical Bar Chart to Show Searches, Top Stores and Top Locations.
  • Choose a time for each day for every location.
  • Clone any Store with one click.
  • Add a marker with each category, switch between the category marker and the default marker.
  • 2 Location Prompt Dialog for Geo Location.


  • Assign multiple categories to a single store.
  • All ASL Settings can be Overridden by the Shortcode Attribute.
  • Add min and max zoom level for your google maps.
  • Too many markers? Enable marker grouping.
  • Full-width interactive Google Maps template.
  • Logo Management Panel.
  • Marker management board.
  • Select 12- or 24-hour Store Time Format.
  • Select the Distance Miles/KM unit.
  • The marker is draggable to the PinPoint Location.
  • Manage Markers icons with names (UPDATE, ADD and Delete).
  • Set the zoom level of the clicked marker.
  • Manage Category icons with names (UPDATE, ADD and Delete).
  • Import/Export Store Excel Sheet with all columns.
  • Delete all stores with one click.
  • Choose a type of Google Maps Hybrid, Route, Satellite, or Terrain.
  • The location prompt displays a dialog box to confirm sharing the current location.
  • Show Distance to each Store from Current Location.
  • Set Default Zoom for your Map.
  • Load on fetch is limited Only the markers of the screen.
  • Custom Filters option.
  • Turn off the scroll wheel.
  • Show Additional Information about the Store.
  • Enable/Disable Advanced Filter.
  • Assign markers to each category and enable category markers.
  • Draw Shapes/Circles around your best positions.
  • Change the Placeholder Text for your search field.
  • Enable/Disable Distance Slider.
  • Set Default Lat/Lng for your Map.
  • Change Header Text Title.
  • Change the font color for the Default Template.
  • Change the Category Title Text.
  • Enable/Disable Store List Panel.
  • Store search with Search by Store ID, Title, Description, Street, State, City, Phone, Email, URL, Postal Code, Disabled, Marker, Expression Display and Creation Date in WP-Admin Store Manager.
  • Customize your google map with Multicolor Drawing Overlay (Polygon, Rectangle, Circle).
  • Select the Map view from the Snazzy Map.
  • Search by Address with auto-scroll option.
  • Filter store locators by category for multiple store locators.
  • Add Google Layers to Show Traffic, Vehicle and Bicycle Classes.

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