Lisfinity - Classified Ads WordPress Theme by pebas

Lisfinity is a fantastic WordPress theme in its field because it lets in you to create truly critical classifieds in any area of interest, in the shortest amount of time, within the most lovely and perfect way.

Feature of Lisfinity – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

    • It is possible to build any website, any classified ad niche
      In the example below, you can see different search fields for different categorized ad categories
    • Placements & Categories with unlimited nested
      Create as many placements & categories as needed and create as many nests as needed with the Lisfinity classified ad WordPress theme and unique drag & drop.
    • Rebuild any popular classified advertising site
      If you ask if you can rebuild any of the popular classified advertising sites below, the answer is yes.
    • Search for fields and forms whenever you need them
      Choose the placements, categories, and other information that you want to appear in expression template searches on your website and you want to appear.
    • Gorgeous and modern high-end design
      Modern and great designs will put your classified advertising business and revenue into one space.
    • Make money with Lisfinity and WooCommerce
      Everything related to making money is based on WooCommerce, including all payment methods, costs, taxes for the unit.
    • Excellent customer control panel
      Provide customers with a great UI experience as they post, browse, and edit their listings
    • Build with Elementor element + Lisfinity
      Unlimited header, unlimited footers, search form design whatever you like on the homepage, insert Google Ads wherever your business needs to be, and more

Demo Website Link Here

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