Magzine Nulled is a WordPress review and magazine theme that makes use of the free Elementor plugin, which has over 5 million users. It has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to easily create your website.

Elementor is restricted in terms of how your posts and pages look on their own. This is when Magzine enters the picture. You may simply make your own headers, footers, archive pages, search pages, review articles, and review boxes using this theme. It also includes more than 40 custom components.

You don’t have to create your own website if you don’t want to. The theme includes a number of pre-built websites (more coming soon). This isn’t just a collection of different landing pages. Each design includes everything you need, including a header, footer, 404 page, post page, category page, and more.

Elementor on its own is limited to the way your posts and pages look. This is where Magzine comes in. With this theme you can easily create your own headers, footers, archive pages, search pages, review posts, review boxes etc. Plus it comes packed with over 40 custom elements.

And if you don’t want to build your own website you don’t need to. The theme comes with lots of prebuilt websites (more coming soon). These aren’t just different landing pages. Each design comes complete with everything including header, footer, 404 page, post page, category pages etc.

How does it compare to other website builders?

The benefit of using the Magzine website builder is that it’s built upon Elementor, this means:

  • It will work with any theme! So even if you deactivate Magzine all those elements you added will still work.
  • Most website builders may have a rating element, but Magzine takes it to the next level with an extensive selection of review features. You can display ratings in a variety of styles which are totally customisable, allow users to add ratings to any page, allow users to add reviews via the comment form, show a breakdown of user ratings by score, display ratings in Google search results, control who can and can’t add ratings and so much more.
  • Comes with an excellent Items element that allows you display your posts in a variety ways to create a magazine website with powerful filtering features.

Will this work with other GhostPool themes/plugins?

Yes! The theme comes with a converter for users of the Gauge, The Review, Huber themes and Ultimate Reviewer plugin. This means most of your hub and review data will be converted to the new theme so none of this data will be lost.

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