Make anything you want and map it. MapSVG Nulled is more than a mapping plugin: it’s a bespoke database that connects vector, Google, and picture maps flawlessly.

One plugin for all types of maps

  • Vector maps in SVG (all countries included)
  • Google Maps is a mapping service provided by Google (unlimited custom styles)
  • Google Maps combined with your own creative vector overlay
  • Add interactivity to any png/jpeg image with image maps.


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Features: MapSVG

Create and place things on a map.

MapSVG features a built-in database that is optimized for speed, ease of editing, and seamless map interaction. It may be used to make any kind of object and display it on a map! Make your stuff visible.

As markers on a map, display your content. Markers grouped into clusters. When you click on a marker or a map region, popovers, tooltips, or a huge details view appear. Next to your map, display a menu with a list of objects.

Use the map to filter the results.

Filters that are available include:

  • Look for words in the text
  • Find nearby locations by entering an address or using the current user’s location.
  • Search by zip code.
  • Filter results based on specified fields.

Customize the map’s appearance.

Make use of the template editor that comes with the program. Use the built-in CSS editor to fine-tune your styles.

Make use of MapSVG Add-on for displaying photographs in a gallery, slider, and lightbox.

Other characteristics

When you click on a region on a master map, another map appears (drill-down functionality). Building plans as an example: show an image of a building, click on a floor, and a child map with a floorplan appears. The plan of an apartment can be seen by clicking on a section in the floorplan. Include controls that allow users to toggle the visibility of specific elements.

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