WooCommerce Orders Tracking

WooCommerce Orders Tracking is an essential plugin for tracking orders of WooCommerce. This plugin allows shop owners to add, edit, import, export the orders tracking numbers and tracking URLs of every item and order. Then the plugin can send the orders tracking emails, SMS, add the tracking information to PayPal transactions.  With orders tracking information and tracking URLs. This plugin also integrates the orders tracking information with other tracking services. With the advantages of tracking orders, the shop owners can manage tracking orders easily and inform their customers orders. Likewise, customers will feel secure and comfortable in tracking their orders.

Features: WooCommerce Orders Tracking – SMS – PayPal Tracking Autopilot

1. Transporters of goods

More than 80 common shipping carriers from across the world are integrated into the plugin. You can even add your own bespoke shipping carrier if necessary.

  • There are more than 80 carriers that have been integrated: You may choose which carriers to utilize with the plugin.
  • Then, when adding a tracking code, all you have to do is choose the carrier and put in the tracking code. WooCommerce Order Tracking will produce a tracking URL for you automatically.
  • Add custom shipping carriers: By inputting the carrier name and tracking URL, you may add custom shipping carriers to the plugin.

2. Emails with order tracking information.

  • When you add a tracking code to a customer’s order, you have the option of sending them a tracking email.
  • You may alter the topic, heading, and text of the tracking email by editing it. In emails, the plugin includes shortcodes that display the customer’s name, order ID, and delivery address.

3. Emails from WooCommerce

  • When the status of an order changes, include the tracking information in the WooCommerce order emails.
  • Customizing the tracking information’s location in WooCommerce emails.

4. SMS WooCommerce Orders Tracking

  • When the tracking information for an order changes, you may send an SMS to your consumers with a tracking URL.
  • Twilio, Nexmo, and Plivo are the three SMS providers you may pick from.

5. PayPal

  • Add shipping details automatically: The shipping information, including carrier names and tracking codes, will be instantly added to your Paypal transaction.
  • Paypal Sandbox is supported: The plugin includes a sandbox function that allows you to test the feature using a Paypal Sandbox account before deploying it to your actual account.

6. Google reCAPTCHA and a tracking service 

WooCommerce Order Tracking integrates with tracking services such as TrackingMore, Cainiao, EasyPost, and Aftership. The plugin will obtain shipping information from these businesses and pass it on to your consumers.

  • TrackingMore, EasyPost, and Aftership all require a valid API to function. Order Tracking for WooCommerce will obtain tracking information from these sources automatically.
  • Cainiao: This tracking service does not need the use of an API.
  • Google reCAPTCHA: This option aids in the prevention of spam and abuse on your website.

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