Piotnet Addons Pro

Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Nulled are plugins that extend Elementor page builder functionality and add many new features.

List of functions: absolute positioning, built-in block display, gradient button, text gradient, section link, max-width, adaptive border-width, adaptive background image, background position, degree column widths, background parallax for each element, several background images, carousels, several custom URLs and much more.

Features Piotnet Addons Pro for Elementor

  • Responsive Column Order
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Display Inline Block
  • Gradient Text
  • Gradient Button
  • Section Link
  • Column Link
  • Max Width
  • Responsive Border Width
  • Responsive Background Image, Color
  • Responsive Background Position
  • Responsive Background Custom Size
  • Column Width ( Pixel, %, calc )
  • Parallax Background For Every Element
  • Multiple Background Images
  • Image Carousel Multiple Custom Urls

Changelog Piotnet Addons For Elementor Pro Nulled Free

1. UI/UX Improvement

More convenient workflow experience
Less click actions
Controls rearrangement
New Dashboard settings
Form ID enter action eliminated

2. Easy to use new Multi-Step Form

Only one form template needed
Just drag and drop to divide the form into many steps
Use icons or other elements as next/previous buttons

3. Dynamic Value

Use Dynamic value without Elementor Pro
Easy to select form elements shortcode

4. New Feature: Widget Creator
5. New function: Submit Post integration with ACF file
6. Starter form templates library
7. Better Document Base

6.5.25 (2022/08/11)
conflict with Elementor 3.7.0.
Update new Hubspot API.
an issue with authenticating Google Sheets.

6.5.24 (2022/08/04)
Optimize conditional logic and calculated field on complex forms.
Add option to allow hide submit button after submitting success.
Add the Select2 option for the Terms Select field.
an issue with the Dropdown icon of the Select field.
PAFE section link does not work on flexbox container.
conflict WooCommerce PayPal payment.
undefined offset error of RangeSlider.
Add JSON format for options of RangeSlider.

6.5.23 (2022/07/25) Piotnet Addons Pro

Optimize handle error for Stripe subscription.
Lightbox does not work properly with dynamic value.
error require min select image for field image select of Multi-step forms.
undefined index when use “pafe/form_builder/remote_request_response” hook.

6.5.22 (2022/07/13)
Add post_id short code to Submit Post.
Add scroll required filed (Image select, Image upload).
Optimize check IP address for International Tel field.
conditional logic does not work properly with the Radio field.
Update condition for Subscriptions Stripe.
forms keep saving database and turn on popup even when register fail

6.5.21 (2022/07/05)
Detect default country for International Telephone Input.
Update Stripe library to version 8.9.0.
an issue of Image alignment on the image select field.
Align function doesn’t work if applying for Flexbox (Image Select).
popup display incorrect position when using with Google Recaptcha.
Labels in the CSV file disappear when combining Repeater and other fields (Form Database).
Conditional Logic for Elementor Form Required Field

6.5.20 (2022/06/30)
the International prehas a glitch on the left-to-right script.
jQuery Mask Input conflict with Rank Math SEO plugin.
an issue of Popup when using with conditional for button.
PAFE Close First Accordion doesn’t close on Mobile.
access permission of CSS assets.

6.5.19 (2022/06/24)
Add option Subscribe to Beta updates to Plugin setting page.
New: Confirm field.
Add a new hook that support add “PAFE Navigation Arrows Icon” and “PAFE Advanced Dots Styling” extensions to posts widget.
Twilio Sendgrid render incorrect data.
the bug that the Summary field setting in Google Calendar can not add the text.
an issue of the Form database entry.

Piotnet Addons Pro 6.5.18 (2022/06/14)

Support limit multiple selections of the Checkbox Field.
checkbox field of JetEngine does not work with edit post.
send raw shortcode when the field is empty in shoppingmode Google Sheet.
The International Tel Field does not work on Repeater.
required date field in the multistep form.

6.5.17 (2022/06/11)
Limit multiple selections of Checkbox Field.
require Date field does not work when enabling Flatpickr.
an issue that the Image Select field shows a double image when using Popup with Blocksy theme.

6.5.16 (2022/06/03)
Add the “Contains” condition for Submit button.
Optimize check license plugin.
repeater value when editing Post.
Date field style and placeholder missing.

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