RnB Nulled – WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System aids in the growth of your booking business and is extremely simple to setup and use. Cars, bicycles, clothing, tools, gadgets, and other items will be available for hire. This WooCommerce booking plugin is one of the most popular. This allows you to add an infinite number of rentals, as well as define your own price, retention, and blocking schedules.

Features: RnB – WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System

It generates a WooCommerce product category called Rental Things, where consumers may order products with many parameters, such as color, size, and quantity.

  • Report on Google Calendar Order
  • Configure the day’s basic pricing.
  • Configuration of monthly pricing (Seasonal pricing)
  • Price configuration for a date range
  • Price structure in general
  • Configuration of hourly pricing
  • Depending on the rental date, a discount on the general rate package is available.
  • Depending on the rental date, a daily package discount is available.
  • Depending on the rental date, there is a discount on the monthly pricing plan.
  • Discounts based on the rental date within the pricing plan date range
  • Control the availability of cars.
  • Set a date on your calendar.
  • Paid Resources with No Limits
  • There is no restriction on the number of people who can pay.
  • There are three different date formats.
  • Add as many product qualities as you like.
  • Add as many product characteristics as you like.
  • Locations for pick-up and drop-off have been added.
  • Include the costs of pick-up and drop-off sites.
  • When a new order placed, the administrator receives an email notification.
  • Prepayment is required at the time of booking.
  • characteristic of payment due
  • Customers send email alerts when a purchase is completed, cancelled, or refunded.
  • The product’s local and global settings
  • Process orders, finish, stop, and cancel customer email notifications
  • PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, and Credit Card Payment System are all options for making a payment.
  • System for creating invoices
  • Confirmation through email
  • Site administrators should be notified of any calendar orders.
  • Multilingualism

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