Salon Booking

Salon Booking Nulled is a comprehensive and simple-to-use appointment booking system that may help your business gain more bookings on its website while also saving time on administrative work.

Salon booking was created with the most typical demands of hair salons, barber shops, beauticians, therapists, spas, clinics, and sport facility rentals in mind.

Features: Salon Booking WordPress Plugin

  • Calendar on the backend
  • Observation of Montly
  • A look at the week
  • Every day’s vista
  • Bookings are exported.
  • Adding a reservation from the daily view is a simple process.
  • Remove time spaces from your everyday schedule.
  • General salon settings
    • Notifications of new reservations by email
    • Notification to selected helper via email
    • Customers will receive an email reminder.
    • Follow-up by email
    • Notification of the review by email
    • Custom logo for email notifications
    • Customers will receive a personalized email message.
    • When a new reservation is made, you will receive an SMS message.
    • Notification through SMS to a chosen assistant
    • Customers will receive an SMS reminder.
    • Follow-up through SMS
    • Anti-spam SMS verification code
    • Support for Aplhanumeric ID in SMS
    • Supported providers include Twilio, Plivo, and 1p1sms.
    • Notifications on WhatsApp are supported.
    • choose your preferred date and time format
    • decide on the start of your week
    • As Salon Administrators, WordPress Editors
  • Booking procedures at a salon
    • There are three methods for making reservations. ADVANCED / HIGH END / BASIC / ADVANCED / HIGH END / BASIC / ADVANCE
    • Time frame for booking ( from a minimum of .. to a maximum of in advance )
    • There are several weekly schedule regulations.
    • Validty time range choice for weekly booking regulations
    • The rule of several holidays applies.
    • Amount of time between reservations
    • Change the sequence of the stages in the booking form (Date&time – Services – Assistants – Checkout – Payment or the other way around).
    • Confirmation of reservations by hand
    • Cancellation of bookings by users
    • Stop using the online booking form.
  • Payment choices at the salon
    • Allow for online payments.
    • Option to pay later

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