SearchWP Nulled is a WordPress search plugin from the developers of SearchWP that makes it easy to find content on your site. It supports detailed search of e-commerce products, PDF and Doc files, custom content, shortcodes, taxonomies, and title and post search optimization.

  • Indexes PDF and Office documents. Index the content of PDF, Office, text documents in WordPress gallery.
  • Automatic integration without coding. By default, SearchWP uses the native search form and the WordPress results template.
  • Support for multiple search engines. Create your own search engine, each with its own features to meet your requirements.
  • Keyword analysis. Show your best results using keyword morphology analysis instead of exact match.
  • Search among all elements. Search works in product descriptions, user content, shortdods, and other elements.
  • Exclude some products from search results. Easily exclude products from search results for given attributes.
  • Statistics of search queries. Track search queries to understand exactly what your users are searching for (or not searching for).
  • Simple setup of algorithms. Easily prioritize your search results with the intuitive SearchWP interface.
  • Integration with WooCommerce. Increase revenue by allowing users to perform comprehensive searches, including data in product descriptions.
  • Integration with bbPress. Improve the usefulness of your forums by introducing a powerful search engine.
  • Integration with WP Task Manager. Allow visitors to search for metadata, otherwise WordPress will ignore this information.
  • Integrate with Easy Digital Downloads. Make sure users find your product quickly and efficiently.
  • Support for advanced custom fields. Stop ignoring information contained in user data when performing site searches.

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