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Shipping tracking, product shipping, and delivery date estimations are all made simple with WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Nulled by vanquish!

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Features: WooCommerce Shipping Tracking By Vanquish


Customers can simply track their orders using WCST. You’ll be able to identify a shipping company and a tracking number with each order. The tracking information (business URL and tracking number) will be shown immediately in the “Order Fulfillment” email and on the “View Order” website by WCST.

To monitor their order, your clients only need to click on the WCST-generated URL. The tracking URL will immediately redirect to the corporate page (if available, if approved by the firm) where the user may follow the delivery status using the related tracking code.

Note that the Vanquish WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin, like WordPress, requires a minimum PHP version of 7.0.

Certainly Your Own Business

More than 40 delivery businesses have been discovered by WCST. You can’t seem to locate the one you’re looking for? Don’t be concerned!!

Vanquish’s WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin lets you to create your own custom shipping businesses (name and tracking URL). To do so, go to WooCommerce -> Shipping Tracking -> Add Custom Shipping Companies. Customize Your Company Page

Various tracking companies, shipping companies, date cultures, and custom text are all available!

For each order, WCST allows you to attach one or more tracking codes and delivery firms.

It is also possible to select a delivery date and a personalized text for each shipment. Both store administrators and consumers can simply track shipment times this way!

HTML Snippet For Email And Order Details Customization

With an on-site timeline, you can keep track of how far your delivery has progressed.

Vanquish WooCommerce Shipping Tracking also allows you to see the status of your shipment along with a timeline right on your website. To do so, just utilize the [track shipping in site] shortcode from the special menu inside the Order Detail Message.

Once completed, a tracking widget will be displayed showing each shipping step taken up to the current date in every Order detail page!

Optionally, you can display the “follow in site” widget in any page. To do that, simply use the following shortcode with a special “track_in_site” parameter: [wcst_tracking_form track_in_site=”true”]. It will display a form where once the user has entered the tracking code, the “in-site tracking” widget will show the shipping progress.

Note: Although AfterShip will try to recognize the shipping company using only the tracking code, this method may fail in some situations. Simply supply the corporate tracking code in this format: tracking code company slug ### to prevent detection.

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