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Smart Slider 3 Pro Nulled is the perfect responsive wordpress slider plugin. Get started with one of 100+ professionally designed sliders. Or simply start with a blank canvas – with Smart Slider 3 Pro Plugin Nulled powerful canvas mode, you can put your imagination to work creating impressive sliders with confidence.

  • Design faster with hundreds of pre-made slides ready to be updated with your words and images.
  • Enter visually stunning templates with our collection of 180+ professionally designed slides.
  • Image optimization: You can optimize and preload your images to improve the loading speed of your website.
  • SEO Friendly: The HTML structure ensures the best results for search engine ranking positions.
  • New controls: Refine new arrows, bullets and thumbnails with new customization options.
  • Lightbox Options: Allows images and videos to display in Lightbox for a better user experience.
  • Text animation: Text animation gives you the opportunity to animate the text itself with words or characters
  • Dynamic height: Dynamic slide height adjustment gives you perfect experience on any device.
  • Actions and events: Trigger custom events in response to actions like click or scroll events.
  • Device-specific preferences: Your slider can be enjoyed on any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Expert settings: Expert mode opens up many options, giving you more control.

Changelog Smart Slider 3 PRO Nulled Free

2022. 01. 14.
New Shape Dividers.
Pagination and Search options in the Dashboard.
The Category default post cover is not available as a variable at the EasyBlog generator.
Download, playback speed and picture in picture options are removed from MP4 videos in the lightbox.
The variable selector is now available at the column and row background colors.
We’ll use pointer cursor at the thumbnails to indicate that they’re clickable.
Perfmatter compatibility improvements.
WooCommerce generator now only displays those categories, which have at least one product in them.
Images in folder generator now properly fetches the images if a full path set.
If WebP image selected as slide background or as a layer image, the resize options will optimize this picture as well.
Overflow hidden added to vertical thumbnails to allow rounded borders.
Don’t show arrow in lightbox when the Backgrounds in Lightbox feature used and there’s only one slide.
Firefox changed the default background color of the select tag, which creates less contrast between the text and background. We changed it back to white.
The color picker allowed saving a 7 digit color code, which resulted a bad color.
The Play on Load, Plan on and Mode options removed from the Block type as they require a slider to work properly.


Margin and padding values are not translatable in the Slide editor UI.
BestWebSoftGalleries generator will not display all available categories properly.
Optimize images option now works on full URLs.
The group order at Change group will be alphabetical from now on.
Start delay couldn’t adjust the size of the Timeline, which caused the Start delay to display wrong.
The YouTube layer didn’t always recognize the URLs properly.
Static Overlay background options caused error when the only slide in the slider is a Static Overlay.
Smart Slider’s custom widget area will now properly display the publishing instructions.
Background Blur could show up even if the fill mode was not set to Blur fit.
Countdown layer could produce an hour difference on Joomla.
Other: Spanish translation updated. Thanks, Rodrigo!
Other: The es_ES.po and renamed to es.po and respectively to support all Spanish languages.

v3.5.1.2 – 2021.11.15.

The old background animations are allowed again when the fill mode not fill, but anything else.
Private Vimeo video support at the Vimeo generator.
You can now customize the Loading animation delay time.
Countdown layer
Vimeo changed the urls of Private videos! You need to reenter your Private Vimeo video url, to make it work correctly.
Image layer box shadow now shows up in the Slide Editor.
Jevents generator urls could have been wrong in old Jevents versions, or when repeated events not set up.
paneWidth control variable now works properly when Single Switch enabled.
Shape Divider height didn’t work properly in editor.
We fixed an error that happened because Elementor has deprecated the _content_template method we used to

create our Elementor Widget.
Compatibility fixes with Perfmatters.
The Shape Divider window didn’t load if the slider hidden on mobile.
Before After layer could scroll when the divider moved.
The old Smart Slider WordPress widget can be moved back to Elementor using the SMART_SLIDER_ELEMENTOR_WIDGET_ALLOWED constant. As a result the sliders won’t be missing after the update.
The slider resize didn’t always get triggered on mobile when the device rotated.
The When ended → Go to next slide option will no longer trigger the Scroll to slider behavior at the video layers.
Joomla 4 changed how article images being stored. The article generator’s code modified to this.
Other: Dutch translation added.
Other: Spanish translation updated.

v3.5.1.1 – 2021.10.18

New layer, Before After is now available in Pro version.
The aria-role=”button” added to the links which not used for page navigation. For example the next slide or previous slide action.
Background blur option for the Blur fit fill mode.
You can now set a fallback slider that will display instead of the current slider when the current slider has no published slides.
Elementor will no longer open their own lightbox when ours used.
Focus removed from the button after the link action triggered.
Divi Builder plugin has strong codes so we use a special ss-p tag to display the texts. An issue fixed related to these ss-p tags that made them display incorrectly.
Focus incorrectly stayed on the arrow after slide switching.
Streamed audio prevented the slider from loading properly in Safari.

Joomla 4 could display the following PHP Warning: get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given.
Other: Better handling of the translation files.
Other: French translation added.

Demo Link Here.

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