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Smart Manager Pro Nulled plugin for WooCommerce allows you to manage your online store using an advanced smart manager.

In Smart Manager Pro you can quickly and easily manage your goods, customers, orders and coupons. You can edit, delete, copy, export to CSV file, use advanced search, and more.

The whole process happens on one page, you don’t need to waste time going from page to page looking for one or another element. When viewing or editing products and any other items, a convenient smart window opens.

Features WooCommerce Smart Manager Pro – Batch update, 10x speed

  • Bulk update of product prices, categories and inventory
  • View and manage product variations
  • Look up orders and customers quickly
  • Set – and revert – sale prices for promotions
  • Export archive data to CSV file without any corrupted or missing entries
  • Add custom meta field value
  • Quickly change discount rules for multiple coupons at once
  • Change product images for all products in a category
  • Live media management – ​​add, remove ‘Product gallery images’
  • Set SEO, customer reviews, subscriptions and other attributes
  • Manage WordPress user roles – change user roles, change passwords, and more.
  • Change customer email address – as well as other details
  • View customer lifetime value, last order date and contact details
  • And much more…

Changelog StoreApps Smart Manager

= v6.6.0 (02.09.2022) =
Compatibility with WordPress v6.0.2 & WooCommerce v6.8.2
Compatibility with [WooCommerce Subscriptions]( v4.5.1 (Pro)
with [Orderable]( (Pro)
Compatibility with [GiveWP]( (Pro)
Access Privilege settings getting deleted when trying to update ‘Company logo’ using non-administrator WordPress user role (Pro) StoreApps Smart Manager
WooCommerce Product Attribute editing not working when using [Variation Swatches for WooCommerce]( plugin
Stock alert emails not getting triggered when updating stock for WooCommerce Product Variations
Inline edit for Categories not working in case of nested categories
Some minor fixes
Update: Improved Access Privilege settings UI/UX
* Update: POT file

= 6.5.0 (10.08.2022) =
Compatibility with WooCommerce v6.8.0
‘starts with’ and ‘not starts with’ advanced search operators for text fields (Pro)
‘ends with’ and ‘not ends with’ advanced search operators for text fields (Pro)
Some minor fixes
* Update: POT file

= v6.4.0 (01.08.2022) =
Missing translations for some strings
Height of modal dialogs taking entire page height in some cases
‘Table not exists’ error when trying to use custom views functionality in some cases (Pro)
Some minor fixes
* Update: Disable ‘autoload’ for few options
* Update: POT file StoreApps Smart Manager

= v6.3.0 (22.07.2022) =
Compatibility with WordPress v6.0.1 & WooCommerce v6.7.0
Inline edit WooCommerce Product Gallery Images in Lite version
Display image thumbnails for WooCommerce Product Gallery Images
Inline edit modal dialog broken UI for PHP serialized fields
PHP Warning: Undefined array key “data”
PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class Smart_Manager_Pro_Background_Updater (Pro)
Advanced search not working for the numeric fields like ‘User id’ in Users dashboard (Pro)
Some minor fixes
* Update: POT file

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