SUMO Reward Points

Reward your customers with bonus points for buying products, writing reviews, signing up, referring, promoting social (Facebook, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on your website, and more. Rewards points earned can be redeemed from future purchases. SUMO Reward Points offers product-level, category-level, and global-level winning points. SUMO bonus points support simple registration, variable and variable registration products.

Reward supports fixed points for product purchases or rewards as a percentage of the product’s price. Coupons must be included in WooCommerce for the SUMO Reward Points Plugin for it to work properly. Also on the settings page you can set the maximum redemption amount in the basket. Bonus points SUMO supports WPML.

Features SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System

  • Complete the reward points system
  • Built on Top of WooCommerce
  • Points with a deadline
  • Nominations feature for charity
  • Make your customers loyal by using SUMO Rewards Points
  • Bonus points for purchasing products, signing up, writing reviews, referrals, coupon codes, blog posts, and more.
  • Bonus points can be set at product level, category level and global level
  • Bonus points for social ads like Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Twitter tweets and Google+ shares
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Share for referral links
  • Update SUMO Reward Points option at Product Level / Category Level for Existing Products / Categories
  • Members can send points to other members
  • Membership level feature
  • Strict price
  • Points payment gateway
  • Option to redeem points on the Payment page
  • Excludes products/categories from redemption points
  • Includes Products/Categories that when added to Cart only Redeem Points can be made
  • Introduce Friends feature to promote Referrals
  • Gift vouchers with bonus points
  • Generate bulk gift vouchers
  • Bonus Points for Payment Gateway
  • Minimum points to redeem for the first time
  • Minimum balance to redeem points
  • Minimum cart total to redeem
  • Maximum discount for Rewards Gate
  • Hide apply coupon template in cart page
  • Shortcodes supported
  • Import/Export users and bonus points in CSV
  • Restrictions / Ban Users from Accumulating and Changing Points by Account Role / Individual Member
  • Username or User Id as Referral Key

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