TotalDesk is the only all in one helpdesk solution for WordPress. Including a ticket- & notification system, livechat, knowledge base, report and integration module it contains all support features, that you need. Get rid of single helpdesk plugins and get TotalDesk!

Features: TotalDesk – Helpdesk, Live Chat, Knowledge Base & Ticket System

  • System of Ticketing
    • Three New Tickt Forms
    • Fetching from the Inbox
    • Agent and Reporter are the two roles.
    • My Ticket Sales Page
    • Configure the default settings for new tickets.
    • Set your own ticket status.
    • Create your own ticket types.
    • Create a custom ticket for Project / Systems.
    • Attachment Help
    • Notify Agents of Notifications
    • Comment Form in HTML WYSIWIG
    • Replies that were saved
    • System of logging and history
    • XLS file export
    • Email can be responded to by Reporters and Agents.
    • Overview of the Ticket (assigned to, status in colors)
      Archieve Inbox Folder
  • Notifications
    • Notifications through Email
    • Notifications on the Desktop
    • Notifications on Slack
    • Notify me when a ticket is generated.
    • Notify me when someone responds
    • Notify me when a status changes.
    • Notify me when an agent is appointed.
  • Livechat
    • Begin a fresh conversation with a new topic (new ticket)
    • Enter a conversation using the specified ticket ID.
    • When no agent is available, send a message (new ticket).
    • Every communication in the chat room will be kept.
  • Base of Knowledge
    • Make a FAQ out of a ticket.
    • Sort FAQs by subject.
    • Customize the Icons for Topics
    • Search for FAQs in real time.
    • Keep track of FAQ views.
    • 3 pre-installed widgets
    • Sort FAQs by Popularity / Views
    • 2 different layouts (boxed, list)
  • Reports
    • Tickets Sold by an Agent
    • Availability of Tickets
    • Types of Tickets
    • System Tickets
    • Yearly Tickets
    • Monthly Tickets
    • Ticket Prices by Year and Month
  • Integrations
    • WooCommerce
    • Envato
    • Slack
  • Well-documented

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