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Many statistics carried on most popular e-commerce shops have proved that sales are considerably increased by correct selling strategies, which show even figures are but a really great sale success. Suggested products that users generally buy together is one of the most effective among these marketing strategies WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together.

The right cross-selling strategy in your shop is crucial because it affects conversion rates in a very significant way. Products suggested as “frequently bought together” are, in fact, much more appealing and customers who see them might be already interested in them. This way, conversion rates are really high.
YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin is the best choice for implementing this feature into your website. You can show products to a highly specific and selected target. Explicitly designed to let you make your offers in the most direct way ever, a well-planned proposal has double advantages for shop owners and customers. Your suggestions might allow them to save a lot of time and grant you a highly targeted advertising, which is always the most effective one.

Features: YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Premium

  • Set an infinite number of suggested goods for each and every product in your store.
  • Change the title of the section “Frequently Purchased Together”
  • Customize the text and colors of the “Add to Cart” button under the “Frequently Bought Together” section.
  • Choose which goods to display in the Frequently Bought Together box:
    • Upsells that are exclusive to a certain product
    • Custom items, choose your own products
  • Choose whether to display all products or a subset of them. randomly
    Customize the “total price” label for related goods.
  • Enable or deactivate a discount for the commonly purchased together group.
  • Emphasize the discount.
  • Labels can be customized based on the number of items linked with a product.
  • Add more text above the product list.
  • From a popup menu, select the product version of the products presented in the commonly bought together area.
  • Choose a location for the “Frequently Bought Together” section: below the “Add to Cart” button on the product detail page, above the product tab, or at the bottom of the product description page.
  • Change the size of the related goods’ images
  • Upload your own picture for the loader that appears during ajax requests.
  • List of items that must be related with other products

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