WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions Nulled is a plugin that provides recurring billing products and services in your store.

You can sell subscription-based products and services. This description will help you understand how to do this. It describes the options available to choose how to sell subscription-based goods and services in your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin features

Free Trial & Subscription Fee
Register variable (Variable)
Manage Subscriptions
Manage subscriber account
Synchronized payments
Upgrade / downgrade
Flexible product options
Multiple registration options at the same time
Registration coupon
Customer email…

Changelog WooCommerce Subscriptions Nulled Free

2022-08-26 – v4.5.1
* Fix – Fatal Error caused in rare cases where quantity is zero during renewal, builds upon fix released in 4.4.0.

2022-08-04 – version 4.5.0
Add missing `woocommerce_subscriptions_switch_link_text` and `woocommerce_subscriptions_switch_link_classes` filters for finer control of switch link. PR#4382
Update subscription address when changed with renewals on block checkout.

2022-06-07 – v4.4.0
* Fix – Fatal Error caused in rare cases where quantity is zero during renewal.

2022-05-24 – v4.3.0
Retrieving users subscriptions order has been updated to use the WooCommerce specific APIs in WC_Subscriptions_Order.
Deprecate the WC_Subscriptions_Order::get_meta() function. Use wcs_get_objects_property( $order, $meta_key, “single”, $default ) instead.
Update the wcs_get_objects_property() function to prevent calls to get_post_meta() on objects that support calling the get_meta() function.
Replace the get_post_meta() calls in WCS_Post_Meta_Cache_Manager with WC_Order::get_meta().
Code using get_post_type( $order_id ) with WC Data Store get_order_type().
Replace all cases of update_post_meta() where an Order ID is passed to use WC_Order::update_meta_data() instead.

2022-04-29 – v4.2.0
Remove WooThemes helper/updater admin notice/banner. PR#4328
Remove PHP/deprecation notices during the early renewal and switch process when using WooCommerce Blocks 7.2. PR#4341
Display subscription billing details in the Cart Block when purchasing products with subscription plans created using the All Products extension. subscriptions-core#149
* Update: Switch to global functions to remove deprecation warnings originating from WooCommerce Blocks. subscriptions-core#124
Update subscriptions-core to 1.9.0. PR#4345

2022-03-22 – v4.1.0

Undefined variable `user_can_suspend` when a customer suspension limit is defined and the max number of suspensions has been reached. PR#4318
Sets up subscriptions integration with the Mini Cart Block and adds new hook to filter compatible blocks. subscriptions-core#103
When using a WooCommerce Blocks powered checkout, fix an issue that led to limited products being removed from the cart when completing a switch or renewal order. subscriptions-core#119
When there is only one Shipping Method available in the recurring shipping package, make sure that this method is treated as selected in the current session and the `woocommerce_after_shipping_rate` action runs. subscriptions-core#115
Don’t anonymize new subscriptions related to old subscriptions via a resubscribe relationship. subscriptions-core#121
Content that appears on the My account > Payment methods page should be translatable. subscriptions-core#125
Update subscriptions-core to 1.7.0. PR#4319

2021-09-28 – v3.1.5
Update subtracted tax amounts to account for quantity changes. PR#4107
Correctly remove limited coupons (i.e. “Active for x payments”) when the coupon code is made up of only numeric characters. PR#4139
Only set subtracted taxes on new items when the rates don’t match the base location. PR#4177
Hide variable subscription meta fields on the Edit Product page of custom variable products. PR#4193
Use the shipping fields to get and save the edit subscription shipping field data. PR#4161
Fix TypeError exceptions by checking for WC_Order types inside wcs_get_subscriptions_for_order(). PR#4188
Incorrect subtracted tax calculations when updating the subscription when the store currency uses a comma decimal separator. PR#4182
Hide the shipping address fields on checkout when the cart contains a subscription product and the ‘Force shipping to billing address’ setting is selected. PR#4172
Get the signup fee for coupon calculation inclusive or excluding tax depending on store settings. PR#4166

2021-07-22 – v3.1.4

Points and Rewards discounts (including WC Coupons when Points and Rewards is active) being removed from the cart when applied on the checkout page. PR#4158
Subscriptions with one-time shipping having shipping charged on all renewal orders. PR#4156
Rare fatal error caused by missing WC_Query class. PR#4155
Make loading the variation edit product tab more performant on large sites. PR#4144
Add a primary key to the last payment temporary table to improve compatibility with some hosts on larger sites. PR#4151
* Tweak: Update the wording when a customer edits their subscription address that this applies to “future renewals”. PR#4118
Add missing `woocommerce_rest_pre_insert_shop_subscription_object` filter to prepare_object_for_database() within the Subscriptions REST API controller class. PR#4119
Add a `data-payment-method` attribute to the Early Renewal modal button action. PR#4123

2021-06-09 – v3.1.3
Switch calculations not correctly charging the full sign up fee when the “Prorate Sign up Fee” option is set to “Never (charge the full sign up fee)”. PR#4096
Fixes PayPal Reference Transactions integration with Checkout blocks. PR#4105
Set the updated payment token on all pending-payment renewals so that manually retrying a failed payment uses the updated token set on the subscription. PR#4108
Moved the `WC_Subscriptions::enqueue_scripts` and` WC_Subscriptions::equeue_styles` static functions to the new `WC_Subscriptions_Frontend_Scripts` class (deprecated existing functions). PR#4104

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