WOOF Nulled – WooCommerce Products Filter is a powerful, flexible, easy and powerful WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin that extends the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin to allow your website visitors to search for products by category , product attributes, tags, product categories and prices.

WOOF e-commerce plugin has a lot of extensions: Search Sort by Stats module inside, Colors, Images, Meta Filters, Search by Text, Search by SKU, Range Slider microcategory, Hierarchical Slider, Labels, Sales Checkbox, Stock Checkbox, Etc…

If you are a WP + PHP developer and you want to create something unusual for your project – using the WOOF extension API – WooCommerce Products Filter and default extensions as an example, you have You can create almost any extension for a search form and even a custom byproduct loop template for your own purposes. Maximum flexibility!

Advanced filters help customers discover more!

These are just a few of the many options WOOF brings to your website:

  • Widgets
  • Product shortcode
  • AJAX product search
  • Categorical display choices: radios, checkboxes, drop-down menus and more
  • Filter by SKU
  • Color Filters
  • Image filters
  • Sliders for taxon
  • Hierarchy drop-down menu
  • Statistical
  • Quick search
  • Meta filter

And more – you can collect Search Stats on your website to improve your business performance!

Check out this Live Demo!

Take a look at some of the possibilities with the WOOF Demo – WooCommerce Products Filter playing around the site below, see what can be achieved we won’t be disappointed!

Demo Website Link Here

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