Wordfence Security Premium

Wordfence Security Premium Nulled provides the greatest WordPress security available today for your website.

Wordfence is a WordPress security suite that includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanning. The Threat Defense Feed, which contains the most up-to-date firewall rules, malware signatures, and dangerous IP addresses, is crucial for keeping your website secure.

Wordfence is the most complete security solution available, and it comes with a set of premium features that make it better than the free version.

Features: Wordfence Security Premium

  • IP Blacklist in Real-Time: Blocks all requests from IP addresses known to be actively targeting Wordfence-protected WordPress sites.
  • Updates to Firewall Rules in Real Time: Wordfence Firewall uses firewall rules to discover and prevent harmful traffic to your site, safeguarding you against the newest WordPress security gaps and assaults.
  • Malware Signature Updates in Real-Time: Thousands of malware signatures are used by the Wordfence security firewall and scanner to assist identify malware on your site and stop dangerous uploads.
  • Checking Your Reputation: Each scan generates spam or spam spam, if your website or IP address has been banned for harmful behaviour.
  • Blocking by country: Designed to thwart an attack, prevent content theft, or prohibit criminal conduct in cyberspace that originates in a certain geographic region.

Changelog: Wordfence Premium – WordPress Security Plugin

= 7.6.1 – September 6, 2022 =
XSS that would have required admin privileges to exploit (CVE-2022-3144)

= v7.6.0 – July 28, 2022 =
Added option to start scans using only IPv4
diagnostic for internal IPv6 connectivity to site
Updated password strength check
Added support for scanning plugin/theme files in when using the WP_CONTENT_DIR/WP_PLUGIN_DIR constants
Updated GeoIP database
Made DISABLE_WP_CRON diagnostic more clear
Added “Hostname” to Live Traffic message displayed for hostname blocking
Improved compatibility with Flywheel hosting
Adopted semantic versioning
Added support for dynamic cookie redaction patterns when logging requests
scanned paths from being displayed as skipped in rare cases
* Fix: Corrected indexed files count in scan messages
overlapping AJAX requests when viewing Live Traffic on slower servers
* Fix: Corrected WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY diagnostic
extraneous warnings caused by DNS resolution failures
* Fix: Corrected display issue with Save/Cancel buttons on All Options page
errors caused by WHOIS searches for invalid values

= v7.5.11 – June 14, 2022 =
Added option to toggle display of last login column on WP Users page
Improved autocomplete support for 2FA code on Apple devices
Prevented Batcache from caching block pages
Updated GeoIP database

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