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WP Cerber Security Pro Nulled is protected WordPress from hacker assaults, spam, trojans, and malware. Limits the amount of login attempts using the login form, XML-RPC / REST API calls, or utilizing auth cookies, which mitigates brute-force attacks. Tracks user and bad actor behavior with customizable email, mobile, and desktop notifications. Spammers are stopped using a specific anti-spam engine. Google reCAPTCHA is used to safeguard the registration, contact, and comment forms. IP Access Lists used to restrict access. An powerful malware scanner and integrity checker used to monitor the website’s integrity. WordPress’s security reinforced by a set of customizable security rules and advanced security algorithms.

Features: WP Cerber Security Pro – WordPress Antispam & Malware Scan

  • When logging in by IP address or full subnet, limit the number of login attempts.
  • Logins made via login forms, XML-RPC calls, or auth cookies tracked.
  • Allow or deny access using IP Access Lists using a single IP, IP range, or subnet.
  • Create a unique login URL (rename wp-login.php).
  • Cerber’s anti-spam engine safeguards contact and registration forms.
  • Automatically identifies spam comments and either transfers them to the trash or rejects them entirely.
  • From a single dashboard, you can manage many WP Cerber instances.
  • WordPress Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Users, bots, hackers, and other questionable activity are all recorded.
  • WordPress security scanner checks the integrity of files, plugins, and themes.
  • With email notifications and reports, it keeps track of file modifications and new files.
  • With a set of customizable filters, you may get mobile and email notifications.
  • Sessions manager for advanced users
  • Security for wp-login.php, wp-signup.php, and wp-register.php.
  • If a visitor not logged in, the wp-admin (dashboard) hidden.
  • When an intruder IP tries to log in with a non-existent or forbidden username, it immediately blocked.
  • Restriction user registration or login to usernames that match REGEX patterns.
  • Use your own role-based security policies to restrict access to the WP REST API.
  • Completely disable access to the WordPress REST API.
  • Mode for only authorized users
  • Turn off the automatic redirection to the hidden login page.
  • Stop enumerating users (blocks access to author pages and prevents user data leaks via REST API).
  • Blocks IP subnet class C in advance.
  • Anti-spam: reCAPTCHA used to defend the WordPress login, registration, and comment forms.
  • WooCommerce and WordPress forms with reCAPTCHA.

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